Top 5 Family Friendly Activities in Guam

Top 5 Family Friendly Activities in Guam

Oct 15, 2018

There are many reasons to fall in love with Guam. It’s a remote island with a exceptional blend of cultures. It’s a United States territory and known as the gateway to Asia. It has its own intense culture, but is also filled with non-locals. Simply put, Guam is just beautiful.

Being so rich in culture, there are just so many things to see and do for the entire family. Planning your next family vacation might seem to be a daunting task, but fear not.  We’ve narrowed down the long list to what we think are the top 5 activities that each member of your family will enjoy.

Beaches Galore

Guam is home to many, many beautiful beaches that offer stunning sunsets, amazing snorkeling, water sports and more. Some are popular and easy to access, while others remain some of the island’s best kept secrets.

Here are a couple of family-friendly beaches you might want to check out:

  • Asan Beach Park – The beach area is filled with coconut trees to provides shade from the warm tropical sun. There is also a large park for picnics, games, sports and just about any activity.
  • Agana Beach – This is one of the largest and more accessible beach in Guam. A shallow reef lagoon extends to the horizon. The beach is lined with a war memorial, coffee shops and restaurants, all overlooking the sea. There is also a public park fully equipped with barbecue pits and seating.

Dolphin Watching

There is much more beyond the beaches in Guam. The waters are filled with an active sea life, and you might enjoy taking the entire family to go dolphin watching!

A boat will take you along the coast of Guam until you catch a glimpse of the very playful spinner dolphins. These are small dolphins that thrive in the tropical waters off of Guam. Your guide will be happy to get as close as possible without harming these creatures as you watch them jump and twirl from the water. Keep a sharp eye and you might spot schools of flying fish or skipjack tuna leaping into the air around the boat. If sea conditions are good, you can even feed the fishes as you snorkel. You might even get lucky and see a bottlenose dolphin or a pilot whale further offshore.

Duty-Free Shopping

Being a Duty Free Shopping Haven, Guam’s major shopping malls are open 24/7 and carry most luxury brands. They have everything for every member of the family. You can literally put the words “shop ‘til you drop” to the test!

Off-Road ATV Adventure

This is a custom tour that lets you explore the trails in your very own All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). Expect to get a thrill as you travel along the challenging off-road trails that are surrounded by fields of dense greenery. Whether or not you’re an experienced rider, you’ll feel the rush and be amazed at the northern coast’s red dirt roads and lush landscapes.

Watch Encore! Where The Magic Happens

This is known as the best family entertainment that can be enjoyed only on the island. It is presented in an intimate and comfortable theater at the Fiesta Resort Guam.

Expect an evening of comedy, magic and illusions, as well as astounding feats and talents. The show also features Rio!, a rare white lion, who has been charming audiences since 2015. All performances are guaranteed family-friendly and suitable for all ages. You haven’t seen all of Guam until you’ve seen Encore! Where The Magic Happens. It will definitely something you won’t want to miss.

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