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Things to Do & See That Are Uniquely Guam

Aug 13, 2018

Guam is the gateway to Asia, being located in the South Pacific and an American territory. It boasts of a unique and rich culture that is extraordinary in itself. It is also an international melting pot, where cultures form the world over come together in this one amazing island.

Countless tourists visit Guam every year. The main lures are the pristine white beaches, breathtaking views and its nice and predictable warm weather. If you haven’t put Guam on your bucket list yet, it’s about time you do! There are so many things to experience and see that you is uniquely Guam. Here are some things that you can only enjoy on the island:

1. Set foot on the world’s biggest latte.

There is a monument overlooking the Asan and Agana bays that is situated atop a prominent stone called The Latte of Freedom. It showcases the beauty and significance of the local culture of the Guam people.

Relish the amazing views from the windows as you enter the Latte, while feeling the constant cool breeze flowing through them. You will also learn many interesting things about the reasons for the erecting the monument as well as the Chamorro history and culture. The Latte of Freedom is a significant symbol of the local people’s strength and resilience.

2. Immerse yourself in the true essence of Chamorro culture.

The Valley Of The Latte Adventure Park is the best place to celebrate the beauty of Guam and its exotic cultural heritage with it’s wide selection of amazing views and exciting activities. You can go surfing at Talofofo Bay, kayak or stand-up paddle boarding through the thick jungles along the Ugum and Talofofo rivers.

Enjoy a cruise around the ocean to see the dolphins, or just to simply enjoy the breathtaking views of Guam along the coast. If you’re lucky and weather conditions are in your favor, you may want to jump in to snorkel and do some fish feeding.

The Valley Of The Latte Adventure Park caters to both adventurers and cultural enthusiasts. You will be entertained by men and women wearing traditional clothing who will give you a thorough an interesting and in-depth idea of ancient Chamorro life.

3. Biking adventure and boonie stomping.

There are countless things to explore in Guam. The Guam Adventure Center is the perfect place to start your unique experience on the island. Get fitted with your bike and gear, listen to a safety briefing for a quick lesson on proper bike handling skills then follow your guide into the trail and revel in the green, lush landscape.

Enjoy the ride downhill into the one of the bike trails, where the panoramic views of the coast will surely make your heart skip a beat. When you arrive at the beach, you can stop for a while to take a quick rest and continue the rest of the way on foot.

What is usually referred to as “hiking,” the locals in Guam call “boonie stomping.” Hike the nature trail that is a mix of both Chamorro culture and Spanish history. Feel free to ask your guide about them, and he will be more than happy to share any information with you.

5. Enjoy an entertaining show that is only in Guam.

Encore! Where The Magic Happens is known as the best family entertainment, which is presented in an intimate and comfortable theater at the Fiesta Resort Guam.

Expect an evening of comedy, magic and illusions, as well as astounding feats and talents. The show also features Rio!, a rare white lion, who has been charming audiences since 2015. All performances are guaranteed family-friendly and suitable for all ages. You haven’t seen all of Guam until you’ve seen Encore! Where The Magic Happens. It will definitely something you won’t want to miss.

6. Dive the deepest oceans of the world.

Avid divers would consider Guam as a diving haven. It is home to many dive shops and exotic dive sites including wrecks and eclectic reef systems.

The Challenger Deep is situated in the Marianas Trench, which is only 250 miles southwest of Guam. It is the deepest point of the ocean that’s about 6.8 miles down.

There are also shipwrecks from 2 world wars from 2 different countries located below the Apra Harbor. They are the SMS Cormoran from Germany, which was defeated in World War 1, and the Tokai Maru, a Japanese cargo ship that sunk in World War 2. Both ships rest 110 feet below the surface, right next to each other with only an inch between them.

It is no surprise why many tourists flock to Guam every year. It’s truly a place of beauty and wonder. Enjoy all these awesome experiences (and more!) that is uniquely Guam. There’s no where on earth like it. With a wide array of things to see and do, it will be a holiday you definitely remember for a very long time.

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