Guam should Be in your Bucket List

6 Reasons Why Guam Should Be In Your Bucket List

Apr 16, 2018

Guam is extraordinary and unusual. It appears simple and unassuming on the surface, but underneath it lies a deep culture and a wealth of history that has shaped the island and its people to what it is today.

A U.S. territory and a part of Micronesia, Guam’s culture is a combination of Chamorro, Asian and American influences. There are so many reasons why Guam should be on your bucket list, but we thought these 6 reasons should be your top choice.

1. The Food.

The culture of Guam is so deeply rooted that it shows in their incredible local dishes. The Chamorro cuisine, which uses fruit, nuts, roots and fish as primary ingredients, is very rich in flavor. Rice is also a staple. They have a version of “red rice,” which gets its extraordinary color and flavor from the red seeds of the achiote tree.

2. The Festivities.

The Chamorro fiestas are a part of the life on Guam, where the entire village is involved and takes part of the fun. There is always something to celebrate in Guam and the celebrations are intimate. Locals mingle with neighbors and visitors alike. There’s music, dancing and a lot of eating! It’s definitely an experience you won’t find anywhere else because the Guam culture is unique and all its own. Guam Visitors Bureau has calendared the entire year’s festivities that you can check so you can fully enjoy your visit.

Your visit to Guam wouldn’t be complete without seeing the magic of Encore! Where The Magic Happens at the Fiesta Resort Guam. This family-friendly world class entertainment is appropriate for all ages and will definitely keep you enchanted.

3. The People.

Respect and paying homage to their elders is very deeply rooted among the Chamorros. The people of Guam are also the social type. They make sure to socialize within their villages. Guam people are very warm and hospitable. They are very pleasant, always with a smile and ready to welcome locals and visitors from all walks of life. Everyone, including tourists will certainly feel at home.

4. Their Colorful History.

The Chamorro culture has been influenced and enriched over the centuries by the many visitors and occupants from Asia, Europe, Mexico and North America. Many of them have even migrated to Guam and contributed to making the island to what it is today.

History fans can have their fill of the many historical sites all over the island. Among them is San Dionisio Church which was built by Spanish missionaries in the late 17th century. The island’s capital, Hagåtña, offers a historic walking tour of the area where one can learn more about the experiences and struggles of the ancient Chamorro people, gaining a deeper understanding of the inner strength and pride as a people.

5. The Many Beaches And Dive Sites.

Guam has always been known as an island with beautiful beaches and a whole lot of sunshine. Marine life is rich and plentiful, with excellent dive sites for enthusiasts. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold, it’s just a perfect beach day everyday.

6. The Breathtaking Scenery.

There’s a million and one ways to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Guam. There are walking tours, hikes, cruises and bike tours, as well as the fun ATV tours that allow you to literally zoom through the jungles and discover hidden treasures on the island. For the more adventurous type, there is wakeboarding, surfing or parasailing. And for the ultimate rush, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire island from 14,000 feet as you jump off a plane on a tandem skydive.

The beauty of Guam does not just lie on the surface. Guam has so much to offer that you’ll want to tick that off your bucket list right away!

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